Hey! I’m Ronan Richardson

A Game Programmer passionate about everything technical and mathematical.

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My Skills

Some of the main things I'm experienced in that you might care about.

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Unreal Engine 4

I have both C++ and Blueprint experience coding systems in UE4, and have also worked considerably with lighting and shaders in the engine.

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Unity 2020

As the foundational engine of my game development studies, I am very well versed in most aspects of Unity, but am strongest at C# scripting within the engine.

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Maths and Physics

As a former astrophysics major, maths and physics are deeply rooted in my approach to linear algebra and 3D vector maths within the context of video games, and are one of my greatest passions.

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I'm very passionate and skilled at inter-personal communication and collaboration, and particularly enjoy when I get to share the knowledge of whatever I'm learning as a game developer.

More Specifically..

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Unreal Engine 4 (C++, Blueprints)
Unity 2020+ (C#)
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Version Control (Perforce, GitHub)
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About me

I'm a passionate Game Programmer that is principally driven by my desire to further my learning and knowledge in game development and programming wherever possible, and am looking for opportunities that will support this.

Within the context of games, I specialise in physics, linear algebra, and 3D vector maths, but am also keenly interested in computer graphics, technical art and systems programming. I'm fluent in both C++ and C#, and have gained holistic engine experience with both Unreal and Unity through my studies at AIE, for which I hold an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Game Programming).

I'm currently Canberra based, but am open to nationwide, on-site or remote work within Australia, as well as remote work internationally.

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